GMA National Online Safety

Dear Parents/Carers

Digital Safety is a concern for us all as parents and educators. The world moves so quickly that keeping up, knowing what to do, and how to handle each situation that arises can be confusing and stressful. Also, it has to be acknowledged that the young people know more than many of us and we are often playing “catch-up.”

To that end the Leigh Academies Trust and Strood Academy have arranged for all parents and staff to have access to the National Online Safety Resource. If you follow the link below and register as a Parent, you will have access to many short videos and resources, plus training courses all centred around Online Safety.

I really cannot recommend it highly enough and all staff at Strood Academy have registered and will be completing courses to ensure we can support you in keeping your child safe online.

Any feedback or comments after you have had a chance to complete some of the courses and looked at the information would be welcome.


Thank you

G Matthews | Assistant Principal