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Dear Parent/Carer

Thank you so much for the massive uptake on the National Online Safety website. I’ll include the link to join once again for those who have yet to take up this opportunity.

To recap, the National Online Safety website provides training and information on all types of online risks which young people may face, it equips us as parents with knowledge, skills, and understanding so that we can support our children to be safe online.  It also provides up to date guidance for parents on new and emerging platforms, games, and threats – I have included the recent fact sheet on the Playstation 5 as an example.

Some of the courses are short but very informative, and I would recommend that parents take the chance to look through some of the resources. For instance, this 4 minute course on Social Media: .

There are many, many more covering all types of online risks, social media, and gaming information.


Yours sincerely

G Matthews | Assistant Principal