Key Stage 4

The current academic year has started with the great news of some very encouraging results for our Key Stage 4 students who have already sat some examinations. We are delighted with the achievement of the students and are looking forward to outstanding progress through this year.

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is based on a 3 year model, following from an accelerated Key Stage 3. In other words, our students start their GCSE courses in year 9 rather than year 10. This means that they can progress at a rate suitable for their individual ability; with some students completing some courses early in year 10 and continuing with extra qualifications in year 11, whilst others can spend 3 years on their GCSE courses and gain better results than if they had only had 2 years.

Our year 9 students, therefore, begin some exciting new courses in the vocational subjects as well as the more traditional courses that they studied in Key Stage 3. Through years 10 and 11, they build on the good foundations they have already laid and work to reach all of their targets by the end of Key Stage 4.

Student voice is one of our core values at the Strood Academy. Each form group is represented at College Council meetings by two representatives.  Four students from each College then represent that year at the Whole School Council which is run by senior 6th form students. Through these groups, students will be able to put forward their ideas and opinions and help influence the future direction of the Academy.