Additions to compulsory items of uniform from September 2024/25

Strood Academy Letter image

Dear Parents/carers, 

Subject: Additions to compulsory items of uniform from September 2024/25. 

We are writing to inform you about a new initiative we are implementing from September 2024 (the start of the new academic year) to preserve the good condition of pupils’ chromebooks. 

By sharing this information with you now enables you three months to prepare for the relevant change in uniform expectations. 

Rationale for change: 

Over the course of this academic year an increased number of chromebooks have had to be repaired due to accidental damage, therefore we have launched a ‘care for chromebook’ scheme. 

Care for chromebook scheme: 

To best protect pupil’s chromebooks from September 2024 we are implementing two compulsory items of uniform. These include: 

  • The use of a rucksack, backpack or portfolio bag which will ensure there is adequate protection for pupils’ chromebooks and belongings. This will also provide more enhanced protection during adverse weather conditions whilst pupils travel to and from school. At present many pupils use a handbag, from September 2024 handbags will not be permitted. 
  • The chromebook case/sleeve will offer support and protection to safeguard chromebooks, minimising the risk of damage from everyday wear and tear or accidental drops. 

The below links provide examples, however this part of our uniform isn’t required to be branded with the Strood Academy logo to reduce further costs: 

We are pleased to be able to confirm we have organised a discount with Brigade for parents ordering online, please use the below code to access this discount. 

  • Date: Saturday 1st June – Midnight Monday 3rd June 
  • Offer: 15% Discount on all orders 
  • Code: FINAL24 

We appreciate your understanding and support for this initiative. We believe the new chromebook sleeve will benefit all at Strood Academy by protecting valuable school equipment to allow us to continue to maximise learning through digital strategy. 


Mr Jon Richardson | Principal