We ran a Summer School from the 16th to the 20th of August 2021 for those students who would be joining us in year 7. The focus of the week was to boost literacy and numeracy skills whilst also spending a lot of time getting to know each other and the school surroundings through enrichment activities.

We had extended lunch and break times to support the students in making new friends with an array of fun activities such as board games, football and basketball. We bought every student the novel ‘Refugee Boy’ so that they could start reading their Term 1 English novel and enjoying it before they started officially with us in September. We had enrichment lessons that consisted of PE, Science, Geography, and ice-breakers/team building.

Daily assemblies were held to focus on our school four core values. At the end of each day we gathered to celebrate achievements and give out ‘Shout Outs’. The funding from the Government was used for equipment and to enlist a wide range of experienced staff to include Teachers, TA’s, SENCO, school nurse and Pastoral support as well as several external providers.

We also provided all students with a themed cooked meal each day cooked fresh by our chef and kitchen staff. Students met the rugby World Cup winner George Fouche, and Educating Yorkshire’s Mushy who talked about the challenges his stammer presented him at school.

We also had so many fun activity workshops like Dragon’s Den’s Sublime Science, Dantastic’s Ancient Greece, samba drumming and circus skills, dance workshops, a mini-Olympics run by the PE staff and even got to make our own superfood salad with the Academy’s chef.

The students had so much fun and the teachers were really great at helping the students settle in and make new friends.