1st Oct 2019 UCA Workshops – ADT – ks4 -GCSE Art & Photography – Cyanotypes

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1st Oct 2019 UCA Workshops – ADT11a/11c Photography/11a Art combined with 10a Art  –

Cyanotypes workshop (themed around coursework projects (White/Close-Ups/Text & Image) Black and White/Close-Ups/Text & Image)

Students produced images of real life objects, natural forms, clockwork parts, architectural imagery, all produced as transparencies on acetate, and using a UV lamp/lightbox students exposed these images onto light sensitive paper…

Work created are known as Cyanotypes and were first used as a photography exploration, by botanists to create true images of their plants and botanic specimens,   Anna Atkins, a British botanist whose use of cyanotypes – or ‘sunprints’ – of plants and algae in botanical plants produced these first studies which paved the way for the use of photography in scientific publishing, she was taught by a family friend as a young botanist.