17th Dec 2018 -Year10 – Exhibition of current & prior work – Art/ Photography/ 3D Design

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17th December 2018 – Yr 10 ADT Exhibition

Our GCSE yr 10 Students were able to celebrate their current work & projects in this year group exhibition, work displayed was a selection of work from various ADT subjects, such as Art, 3D Design & Photography, with 3D Design producing work related to “Mechanical Forms”, Art students producing work related to “Foods” and Photography students work exploring “Surfaces & Textures”, all the work on display was exciting and original, with students clearly showing their growing skills in their chosen subject areas, and exceeding our expectations.The work was described by one parent at the open view as “ Amazing, these students are so talented, we are so proud of our Daughters work”. We as a faculty are also really proud of the standard of work created and the level of skills displayed by our students.

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