Year 7 – visit to school from British Antarctic Survey

On Wednesday 5th December, Year 7 students had the opportunity to ask their questions to a real life Antarctic explorer via telephone conference.
We had the pleasure of talking to Alison Massey from the British Antarctic Survey who is the Laboratory manager in Rothera.
Students used what they have learnt during their current unit to think of some really good questions linked to global warming and how this is affecting the environment there such as “If it is getting warmer there, does that affect the rate at which you see ice melt during the summer”.
Students also had the chance to ask any question that they wanted to Alison and feed their curiosity about what life is like in Antarctica and the conditions that Alison has to deal with every day.
This was a really great global context for this unit as it shows how Science is used in the real world and gave students the opportunity to think about how someone else lives and works in these conditions.