Year 10 Summer Tasks

Year 10 Summer Tasks

Your son/daughter has a range of summer tasks to help them transition into year 11. Some subjects have already given out hard copies and resources related to these, but please find links before to the relevant online classrooms to support this work.



English Google Classroom’s:


Citizenship: 10A/Cz1


Science Summer Tasks

Google Classroom code: dfhc6f 


Maths Summer Tasks

Summer Tasks for Maths need to be completed ready for testing on these topics in the first two weeks back.


Extra Copies of the tasks can be found at the google classroom with the code gm513t8


DT Summer Task:


Class code: n7su49d

Year 11- Fine Art- Reflection mini project

Class code: suu387b



Google Classroom code: lfqzxa


Google Classroom code: 883anu