Visit to Temple Manor September 2017

At the end of September 20 term one, the Temple Manor group paid a visit to the Manor. As well as Jeremy and Rachael, Malcolm Clarke from Medway Council  also joined us.  Malcolm’s specialism is to promote heritage sites and the literacy around them.
Students were given the task to consider the various information boards around the site and their application and purpose. The students were divided into groups and spent time looking at the site and the current information boards, taking note of the ones which were well designed and helpful and which ones were not so good. The students reported back to the leaders and Jeremy led a discussion.
Students wrote their ideas on post it notes and were encouraged to group them under headings such as ‘signage’ or ‘visitor experience’.  Jeremy fed back to the students and then there was a further discussion that could encourage students to think about types of information that would be useful to have at Temple Manor and how best to present this.