UCA Thrive Event

The event began with inspiring talks from multiple UCA Alumni who have gone on to achieve a multitude of incredible things and building their career.  Speakers included Jamie Windust a LGBTQ+ activist, writer, public speaker and editor of award winning magazine Fruitcake and Billie Jacobina who is a fashion textiles designer who has gone on to show her work at Graduate Fashion Week multiple times, and win various awards for her work.

After the talk the students were taken to see the head of the Pre-Degree courses at UCA Rochester, Chris Wraith. He talked the students through what makes a good portfolio, how to put one together and how to edit your work accordingly. He also showed them numerous examples of portfolios to show how different students had chosen to showcase their work, the students were allowed time to go around and look through the work in their own time and then we moved on to the next task.

Next the students were taken to “Careers Speed Dating” which allowed them to network with a wide range of professionals who work within a wide range of the creative industries, allowing students to see what kind of jobs exist within the creative industries and also ask them how their journey had led them to the career they have today.   This allowed students to visualise and see the possibilities of what creative subjects could lead them into in the future.

The students then move onto “Transferrable Creative Skills Workshop” where they took part in a workshop taken from the first year architecture course. The task was to build the tallest stable structure out of paper straws and loom bands. The group of students was split into two groups and they had to work together as a team, sharing ideas and working on their communication, these things are very important in any career but especially as a creative!

The students also had the opportunity to enter a competition which was running on the day, they had 3 questions to answer to be within the chance to win a huge art pack. The questions were things they learnt across the whole day and they were about; the creative economy in the UK, transferable skills linked to creativity, and a new creative job they weren’t aware of before the day. The winner was picked at random at the end of the day.

The day was really well received by all of the students who attended, and it seemed to give them more of an idea about the creative industries.  Events like this are really beneficial to students whilst in school as it gives them a wider perspective of the creative world outside of a school environment. Thank you you UCA and the KaMCOP team for putting on this fantastic event!