Trip to The Globe Theatre

On Thursday 12 April, 59 Year 7 students visited Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in the London Borough of Southwark, on the banks of the River Thames.  When we got to the Globe, the students were divided into two groups for a tour of the theatre, where they had the opportunity to look

round the building and to learn about the Globe and William Shakespeare.


The students learnt about the reconstruction of the theatre. The original Globe burne

d down in a fire caused by a cannon effect in 1613, and why some of the widows had glass in them, whilst others did not.  This was because experts couldn’t agree if Shakespeare’s Globe was fully glazed or not. After the tour, the two groups of students took part in workshops where they learnt about acting in Shakespeare’s time and explored the fight scene from ‘Romeo and Juliet.’


There was an opportunity to buy souvenirs from the gift shop and to eat our lunch outside the Globe, on the banks of the River Thames. As we had a bit of time left, before the return journey to school, we walked over the Millennium Bridge.

Comments from the students who were asked to say what they enjoyed about the trip: –

“Seeing the boats on the Thames”- Reagan

“I really enjoyed the workshop because it helped us understand how the actors trained”- Obi

“We liked finding out about the trap doors and the cannon that set fire to the roof”- Callum, Brooke and Megan

“I learnt that no one could agree whether the original Globe theatre has windows or not so they did both!”- Bailey

“I liked the layout of the theatre”- Darcy

“I enjoyed the games that we played for the workshop”- Kathryn