Temple Manor Part 4

In May, we went to look at Eastgate House, an important historic site on Rochester High Street.

Eastgate house has just been refurbished thanks to an HLF grant and is about to reopen to the public. We went to see what we could learn from the work they’ve done.

“Eastgate house was a Tudor House built by Sir Peter Buck who was in charge of the Dockyard. It was built sideways, with the front door not facing the road so he could see the Dockyard from his window. Later it was a school for girls, then the Dickens Museum. It is now being refurbished as a local historical site. There were some activities that we could enjoy such as real Victorian desks.

I liked the indie of the desks, because I could see what it was like for children 100 years ago. I liked the games hub, because we could try the games.” Danial and Mrs Blacklaws