Learning Areas
PE & Performing Arts

PE & Performing Arts

The PE & Performing Arts Faculty (PEPA) offer a wide range of both practical and theory based subjects through Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5. The PEPA Faculty consists of the following subject areas:

  • Dance
  • Physical Education & Sport
  • Drama
  • Performing Arts
  • Music

Each department offers the students a wide range of activities both within the National Curriculum and as part of an extensive Extra-Curricular Programme.
All students during Key Stage 3 will study the following subjects:

  • Music
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Physical Education

As students move into Key Stage 4 students will continue to participate in Physical Education as part of their timetable, and will also have the opportunity to choose to study a range of GCSE’s and BTEC courses which the PEPA Faculty offer. Key Stage 4 options include:

  • GCSE Dance
  • GCSE Drama
  • GCSE Music
  • GCSE Physical Education
  • BTEC Sport
  • Creative & Media Diploma

If students wish to continue their studies into Key Stage 5 there are a range of courses offered:

  • A-Level Dance
  • A-Level Music
  • A-Level Drama
  • BTEC Sport & Performing Arts

For all subjects offered within the PEPA Faculty (Key Stage 3-5), departments will be organising trips and visits from outside speakers to enable students to consolidate and apply their learning.

The PEPA Extra-Curricular Programme includes: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, BTEC Sport, Choir, Cricket, Dance, Drama, Fitness, Football, GCSE PE, Handball, Hockey, Keyboard Club, Netball, Rounders, Swimming, Tennis, Trampolining and Wind Band.

Students choosing to study subjects and/or attend clubs offered within the PEPA Faculty will also have the opportunity to represent the Academy throughout the Academic Year in one of the following:

-Physical Education: Medway Secondary School Games Competitions
-Performing Arts: Concerts
-Performing Arts: Shows