Learning Areas


The faculty aims to provide a wide ranging and balanced learning experience focused on the attainment strands of the National Curriculum. This entitlement supports the pupils in gaining the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding required for examination success and life after school.


Key Stage 3
In year 7 and 8 students are taught in three college groups and are sub-divided in each band according to ability. Students are comfortable with Assessment for Learning and Key Processes, and are given the opportunity to show their skills through APP tasks, project work and regular tests. The Scheme of Work follows the framework specifications closely although we make every effort to connect classroom practice with the real world.

Key Stage 4
The linear Mathematics specification is taught in year 9 till 11.This is done to equip students with the skills necessary to succeed not only as maths students but in adult life. Mathematics is seen as a vital building block giving students the thinking skills and access to logical processes they need to succeed no matter what their chosen profession.
There is no coursework in the current mathematics specification. External assessment comprises of an exam at the end of year 11 with two exam papers (calculator and non-calculator).

Key Stage 5
We offer AS and A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics as well as a GCSE retake class.

We also offer a wide range of extra activities such as an engineering club, puzzle club and origami club. Students get the opportunity to explore the application of mathematics and principals of engineering in a fun and engaging way. Projects include building Lego robots, race car design (we build an electric racer out of everyday objects) amongst others.

All students have been created an account with MyMaths. Click here to access the website.