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Our Vision

Our Vision

To help young people develop into well educated, considerate and caring citizens.

The sponsors’ vision for the academy is to create a school with children at the centre of all the academy does. We aim to develop well educated, considerate and caring citizens with a strong sense of values, who will achieve academic success and always aim high so as to seize the opportunities that life offers.

The strength and effectiveness of the academy’s leadership and management, along with excellent teaching and outstanding facilities has already secured a transformation in academic performance and aspirations.

We have balanced innovation with traditional values to engage and enthuse young people in learning to secure a successful future.

Our monitoring systems enable early intervention and ensure that every child has the additional support and guidance provided where it is needed.

All children are treated as individuals who matter and who are able to make a positive contribution to their community.

Our core values are creativity, collaboration, distinctiveness, respect and sustainability which are embedded and evident in all of our activities.

Our core values are creativity, collaboration, distinctiveness, respect and sustainability which are embedded and evident in all of our activities.

This is at the heart of promoting excellence, challenging staff and student to think differently and contributing to the enjoyment of learning as well as transforming achievement.

We have empowered children to have a real say in the way our school operates, through councils and voluntary groups. Children have real ownership of their school and feel proud to be a part of it.

We recognise and celebrate distinctiveness and diversity and this has helped create a vibrant school where everyone is able to make a positive contribution.

We recognise and value respect for self, others and our environment. This is evident in day to day life through personal appearance, politeness and care of our building and facilities.

We believe in investing in a secure and sustainable future through the promotion of well-being and long term economic life chances.